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Blue is the colour of infinity, sky, ocean and distance. Blue elicits feelings of timelessness and meditative solitude. Blue expands our perspectives both inwardly and outwardly. Blue's cooling vibration supports clear and open-minded communication. Blue's vibration can unblock pent up emotion, diffuse passion and instill peacefulness. Darker shades of monochrome blue void of variation or complimentary colours, may feel oppressive. To alleviate the moody blue affect, a painter can create blue fields that glow, vibrate and sparkle. Blue fields that are alive lift our mood and revitalize our soul.

Sky Energy
2016 50"x 40"

Eternal Night
2016 50"x 40"

Blue Stillness
2016 50"x 40"

Light Blue Field
2010 50"x 40"

Creating Silence
2016 90"x 66"

Light Blue Infinity
2010 90"x 66"

Resonating Silence
2010 90"x 66"

Soft Blue Field
2016 50"x 46"

January Blue Field
2010 60"x 58"

Expanding Infinity
2016 60"x 50"

Breathing Blue Installation

Blue Monochrome Installation