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As the artist's mind sharpens it perceives subtle sensations in the body. Experiencing vibrational energy leads one to understanding the phenomenon of mind and matter. Matter comprises tangible particles whereas mind comprises intangible energy. Reality is a constant flow between solidity and energy.

A painter, in his pursuit to reveal truth, will no doubt create images that best express this changing phenomenon. Some monochromatic painters are avid meditators. They strive to paint energy fields of light, particles and colour. Their paintings cannot substitute meditation experience, but nonetheless can trigger sensations. A mind in tune with these subtle vibrations, will at once resonate with these fields of colour. I believe that all art forms, whether abstract or object-based are expressions of an individual's conscious or not so conscious experience of reality.

Breathing Light
90"x 66" Acrylic/Canvas

Creating Silence 2014
90"x 66" Acrylic/Canvas

Warm Magenta 2010
 60"x50" Acrylic/Canvas sold

Eternal Awakening 2010
60"x50" Acrylic/Canvas

Soul Resonance 2010
64"x48" Acrylic/Canvas

Emerald Green Field 2010
64"x48" Acrylic/Canvas

Blue Field 2013
 50"x46" Acrylic/Canvas

Cadmium Orange Field 2013
 50"x 46" Acrylic/Canvas

Red Square 2012
 60"x58" Acrylic/Canvas sold

Red Energy 2010
 60"x58" Acrylic/Canvas sold

Red Field
50"x46" Acrylic/Canvas sold

Large Red Field 2010
 90"x66" Acrylic/Canvas

Large Green Field 2010
90"x66" Acrylic/Canvas sold

Large Orange Field 2010
90"x66" Acrylic/Canvas sold

Lake Country Exhibition 2015